Woman's House Burnt Down But She Refused To Let Her Horses Die

As she watched her home burn to the ground, an elderly woman stayed put, fighting the fire and refusing to abandon her horses.  


Martin Von Stoll who evacuated his own Diamond Beach home on Friday, visited the area and captured photographs of the devastation yesterday.


He spoke to the elderly woman outside her home, which has been reduced to a pile of bricks.

After fighting the fires alone, the woman said she was just "pushing through".

Home in Rainbow Flat destroyed by ferocious fires. Image: Supplied

The horses' paddock was singed but miraculously, they survived.

When Von Stoll approached the horses, smoke from the catastrophic fires was still lingering in the background.


"There came over to say hello. There were actually three or four horses there. Just amazing that they all stuck together," Von Stoll told 10 daily.

It was really nice to see that the animals are still being cared for," he said.

Horses in Rainbow Flat. Image: Supplied

RSPCA Spokesperson Kieran Watson urged pet owners not to abandon their pets and to evacuate with them unless there is no other option.

"If you have to leave your animals behind at least have five days worth of food and have plenty of drinking water. If you have animals that need help please contact RSPCA or Wires," he said.


Watson told 10 daily that pet owners should have a "pet emergency kit" on hand.

"Your pet emergency kit should have registration papers, information certificates, food and water, any medication," he said.

A young boy witnesses destruction in Rainbow Flat but can still play basketball on the palm tree. Image: Supplied

Von Stoll has his bags packed, ready to flee his home with his young children if the fires worsen.

He told 10 daily that he was capturing these images to tell his story and show the world what he's going through.

"I'm trying to capture that emotion, the good and the bad but it's pretty traumatic," Von Stoll said.

"When you're watching at home on social media or the TV your heart goes out to these people but when you're actually there, smelling and feeling the fire, it just feels at home. It's pretty emotional," he said.


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