This Man Ran Into A Burning Building To Save His Dog

People underestimate how strong of a bond we can have with our pets.


Many of us will go to great lengths to protect them if need be, even if it’s at our own risk.

This story from Rutherford, Australia is just one example of that.

Meet Mark

Mark Woodbury was going about his planning and preparing for an upcoming fishing trip when one of his worst nightmares came true.

He had taken a quick trip to the store to buy a few supplies for his fishing trip only to find his house on fire when he returned. He first noticed smoke coming out of one of the back windows. He realized that the inside of his house was in flames.

His first thought wasn’t his television, his valuables, or all his family’s memories inside. All he could think about was his dog, Ditch.



And Ditch

Ditch is a 4-year-old German Shepherd mix that the family rescued from a shelter in a few years after they first moved into their house. The thought of Ditch being trapped in the burning house shook Mark to the core.

Without a second thought or any consideration for his own safety, he ran into the burning house to find Ditch. On the first try, he remembers choking on all the smoke that had built up as he desperately tried to find DItch. He couldn’t breathe and was forced to leave the house for some air or risk passing out.


However, that didn’t mean he’d given up.

As soon as he’d caught his breath, he ran back into the house that was hotter than it had been before. Again, the smoke was choking him, and he had to leave after checking a different section of the house.

Anyone would have been wise to wait for the authorities at that point, but Mark wouldn’t have it.

On his third attempt, he tripped over something lying on the floor. It was Ditch’s passed out body. With all the strength he still had in him, Mark carried Ditch to safety just as the first responders were arriving.



Mark brought Ditch to the driveway and tried to resuscitate him by breathing into his mouth as best as he could. Luckily, one of the paramedics had a mask ventilator that could fit Ditch’s mouth.

Once Ditch’s eyes were open, the paramedics rushed him to the local animal emergency center. By evening, Ditch had recovered from most of his injuries and was in stable condition. Luckily, Mark’s wife and his three children had been away when the whole incident occurred.

Unfortunately, their belongings weren’t covered by insurance. However, even in this difficult situation, Mark and his family are more grateful than sad. They are just glad to have their best friend, Ditch, safe.

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