Starving Stray Dog With A Broken Leg Leads Rescuers To Adorable Surprise

When Lianne Powell found an injured greyhound at a market in Vera, Spain, it was clear the dog was underweight, malnourished and had something wrong with her front leg.   


Lianne took the dog to veterinarian Ellen Sobry at Clinivet Turre Clinica Veterinaria. But while examining the dog, Ellen noticed that the dog was lactating, a clear sign she had recently given birth.

“After giving her first treatments and stabilising her broken leg we took her back to where she was found because we saw she was producing milk so somewhere she had puppies (or somebody took them away as it so often happens over here),” Ellen wrote on Facebook.

So they decided to see if the mama would lead them to her pups. They took her back to the market and let her lead the way. Despite her broken leg she walked them over a mile (3km) to a derelict, abandoned home.


Ellen wrote, “We chose to watch what she would do so we followed her for over 3km, ended up somewhere in the Campo in Vera, into a derelict house and there in that car, we made a big Discovery!”

The pair recorded the moment that the dog directed them to a broken down old car surrounded by shrubs. The dog jumped into the front seat of the car when Lianne opened the door and when Lianne looked in to the back of the car…puppies!

Note: the video below may take a few seconds to load.

The puppies were piled on top of each other, nestled in the back seat. “Good girl,” Lianne exclaimed as mama sat patiently and let her examine her puppies. “10 little lives waiting for their mum…” wrote Ellen.


They carefully placed the puppies into a bucket and brought the family back to Ellen’s clinic. The mama has been named Vera, after where she was found.

Vera and her pups are in now safe hands! As Ellen wrote, “A new adventure…ended very well!”

They will recover together and no doubt this doggie family has a brighter future ahead thanks to Lianne and Ellen. Share this heartwarming rescue with your family and friends!


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