Rescue Kitten Adopted By Five Ferrets Thinks She Is A Ferret Too

Komari the kitten was found abandoned when she was just 5 months old. She was very hungry and weak, so the kind rescuers brought her home and nursed her back to health through their love and care.  



When Komari arrived in her new home, she was introduced to her new brothers, and they are all ferrets. The five male ferrets fell in love with her and considered her as their little sister right away. She grew up with them, and they became the family she never had.



They started snuggling together, playing and giving each other cuddles. Komari stays with her brothers and never sleeps in her own bed. Now she thinks that she’s a ferret, too!

As time passed, the family also grew in numbers. They added another ferret to the gang.

Watch the video of Komari and her brothers here!


ペロペロ… スヤァ ( ˘ω˘)

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It’s a happy cuddly family.



When they are not playing or eating, they are cuddling.

They have bath together.

They love eating and sleeping together.


Komari stays with her brother.

Notice: ferrets can get along with cats and dogs, but only after supervised introductions, and continued supervision in the future.

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