Rescue Dog Tenderly Reaches His Paw Out To Comfort Abused Puppy

Two abused and neglected dogs shared a tender moment of connection while being treated at a vet hospital in South Carolina recently.


A puppy named Sammie had just come out of a 3 hour surgery. The 4-month-old Boxer had been dragged behind a car, shot in the head and spray painted blue before being rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

Simon is another rescue, riddled with mange from neglect. Both dogs were rescued from separate shelters by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Their meeting was accidental, but oh, so sweet.



Photo credit: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC


“A perfect example which shows us that our companion animals DO FEEL pain and show compassion for others,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC wrote on their Facebook page.

“Do not ever doubt the POWER of our beloved companion animals!!!! Here is Simon our mange pup comforting Sammie our newest critical case.”



Photo credit: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC


“They both were saved from different shelters in South Carolina and are both being treated at our vet partner there. Last night Simon came in to check on Sammie and see how he was feeling….Sammie accepted Simons soft touch and was grateful for the love and affection that Simon showed him.”


“Right now Sammie is fighting for his life and in surgery to try and save his 2 broken legs and the danger of infection setting into the bone as Sammie’s injuries are at least 4 to 5 days old which is very concerning.”



Photo credit: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC


Sammie is just one of the urgent cases the all-volunteer rescue takes on, but it is one of their most horrific.

They received a desperate plea to help the Boxer puppy that they could not ignore. The rescue’s co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan received the urgent message from a South Carolina shelter:

“Desperately need your help! We have a 3-4 mth old boxer pup that was spray painted, shot in head, and drug behind a car. We were able to get him to a vet just to stabilize him. Could y’all please take him to save his life?”



Photo credit: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC


Somehow, Sammie clung on to life through his terrible ordeal. A woman brought him into the shelter and handed him over because “he wouldn’t die”. “His wounds are said to be 2-3 days old” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC described.

As appalling and as suspicious as the woman’s story is, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC said that it is unlikely there will be a cruelty investigation as the puppy was “signed over” and accepted as a stray. All they could do was take Sammie and rush him to an emergency vet.

“Sammie has the bullet hole in his head which you can see in the photos. He’s skin is ripped and sliced wide open from being dragged behind a vehicle and we are told the bones in at least one of his back legs are crushed,” the rescue wrote. “He cannot stand or walk and the suffering he has endured at the hands of evil makes us cringe to share the earth with the person or persons responsible.”



Photo credit: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC


“Who knows what other damage will remain due to the bullet and dragging. We hope that karma will be swift and just in this case, but we know the only ones left to pick of the pieces here and help this poor innocent baby are those of us here,” Jackie wrote.

Sammie underwent his first surgery, which lasted over 3 hours. Although repairs were made to his back right leg, the vet is still concerned and is worried also about his left front leg because of the infections. That’s why Sammie is being carefully monitored and is under strict cage rest.

Only time will tell if doctors can save his limbs. But, in the meantime, the emotional support he is getting from Simon and his rescuers must help lift the little guy’s spirits. For both dogs, the future is brighter. Said their saviors, “Both know they are safe and rescued.”


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