Medevac Helicopter Stopped Traffic To Rescue Injured Police Dog

Here’s one more reason to commend those who work in emergency medical services.


In a sight straight out of a movie, the landing of a medevac helicopter stopped traffic at the George Washington Parkway in Virginia as it swooped in to get to an injured German Shepherd police dog

Yep, that’s right. They stopped traffic and brought in a helicopter for a dog.



Rescuing Kylie

This wasn’t just any police dog. The patient was a skilled cadaver dog called Kylie. She works for D.C. Fire and EMS. The six-year-old dog and her partner Sgt. Paramedic Gene Ryan were together in Virginia at the time because their professional services were needed in the area.


The dog suffered some serious injuries to one of her hind legs during the search in Northern Virginia where they were helping members of a local law enforcement agency. There wasn’t much time to spare if they wanted her to recover, so they didn’t hesitate to call in a helicopter.

The U.S. Park Police and the Arlington Fire Department immediately went into action to care for the injured Kylie. The dog was then taken by a medivac to the Friendship Hospital for Animals where she had emergency surgery to save her leg.


“We treated her like we would treat any of our members who suffered a severe injury. She is considered one of the D.C. Fire and EMS family.”

Notable pair

As it turns out, Kylie and her handler Gene are quite the accomplished duo. The two of them were among the recipients of the Excellence in Public Service Award at the 18th annual Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Awards.

One of Kylie’s best works includes the time she was able to locate the lost cremated remains of a resident’s husband after her apartment, along with many others, ended up in flames. The remains were beneath thirty feet of rubble. Kylie still managed to find them despite the incredible amount of debris between her and the ashes.


There is also the time she and her partner found sets of human remains near a Southeast D.C. house where bones had been discovered.

Kylie has been key in helping to solve serious crimes. However, she wasn’t always a cadaver dog.

Apparently, it was Gene himself who found and recruited Kylie to the Human Remains Canine Team, which he also founded.

It was when he was searching for candidates for a FEMA test that he crossed paths with Kylie. He was visiting various kennels and shelters looking for a very particular personality. He would end up finding a perfect match for it in Kylie.

When he found her, the skinny and neglected dog was about to be put down. Knowing there was something special in her, Gene chose her and gave her the test. The rest is history.


We hope she makes a full recovery and remains a very special part of an important team.

The doctors say that her prognosis is good.

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