Man tried his luck with frightened dog from animal shelter and made dog happy again!

When Howard Holloman visited the animal shelter near him, he was looking for a furry friend who was looking for a new home.


During this visit he saw Noodles, a sweet little beagle. Howard liked Noodles immediately, but the Beagle was nervous and shy because he was mistreated by his owners all his life. As soon as Howard approached the little dog, he hid in the corner of his cage.

It took a while, but Howard managed to lure Noodles out of his corner and go home with him. He knew it would be hard to get the puppy used to his new home but he wanted to show the little dog that not all humans are as evil as the former owners of the Beagle.


He faced a challenge that many others would not have accepted.

Howard had already adopted a dog named Weezie and hoped that he and Noodle would become friends. This happened quite fast and the two puppies got used to each other very well.

Their bond became stronger and stronger over the years and meanwhile the two are inseparable!

Weezie had also been adopted from an animal shelter and knew how hard it could be to get used to his new home.

He took on Noodles and helped him find his way around his new home with a family that really liked him.

Thanks to the help of his pack mate it was much easier for Noodles to get used to the new home.

it only took a few days for Noodles to open up to his new family. Howard took a big risk adopting a dog that had been abused earlier, but he was sure that this cute little dog deserved a chance at a happy life outside the shelter.

Howard is a hero among dog owners and the friendship of Weezie and Noodles is beautiful to look at. The adventures that the newly adopted puppy and his friend Weezie are experiencing are very touching and you can follow everything on the internet.

The Internet enjoys every second of Noodle’s adventures in search of love and security, and you’re sure to find joy when you see it!

In the video below you can see the two of them:


Do you also have stories about rescued dogs who just needed some love? If you know someone who also needs a little puppy love in his life, then show him the video of Noodles and his new owner!