He’s Petrified Humans Will Make Him Go Back In The Ring To Be Attacked Again

We appreciate all animal rescue organizations, and we salute the heroes who volunteer their time to help animals that are suffering.


This is TJ’s story. TJ had been through a horrific journey and was only a few months old. Thankfully he was taken in by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. They were horrified when they met him for the first time. These experienced rescuers who pretty much have seen it all were actually horrified.

This is what they had to say:

There are really no words to describe how utterly HEARTBREAKING it is to see him. We were NOT at all prepared for not only his physical state, emaciated and covered in wounds and scars, but also his emotional state.

When we first saw him in his kennel, his first reaction was to growl at us. We were a bit taken aback. Why was this tiny 15-pound baby growling at us?! We were there to visit and comfort him. And then it hit us, why would he trust us or trust anyone?!


He’d been failed by humans his ENTIRE MISERABLE short life. He’d never been treated kindly or caressed. While we cannot say exactly what his past was like, some things we know without a doubt because they are painfully obvious. TJ lived in a cage; he has the cage feet and overgrown nails to prove it.

He is terrified of everyone and everything. His growth is stunted, he has likely never seen the sun or the light of day.

He entered the NYC ACC covered in his own feces, open wounds and an open puss-filled abscess on the side of his face, BUT he’s also covered in old scars. He has marks all over him, on his paws, legs and his ears are shredded.

It’s obvious that little TJ was starved, weakened and used as a bait dog to train fighting dogs. He has wounds in all the places dogs attack that are easy to grab hold of quickly in a fight, ears, face, legs, paws. Bait dog is not a term we use lightly and seeing him literally crushed us to our very souls.

Why would anyone do this to him???!!!! People are so sick and depraved to do this to a tiny innocent baby who is now left in a world that has shown him nothing but pure evil!!! And then it hit us, perhaps he’s lucky in the end as he’s safe now. 

TJ, at such a young age, was never shown kindness. He only knew fear and pain. He’s now safe but the road to recovery would be long and bumpy.

He was immediately treated for malnourishment, infection, and anemia. He remained at the vet for two weeks then went to a foster home with a foster mom that has lots of experience with dogs like TJ. He’s resting comfortably while he heals.

The rescue group wrote this WONDERFUL update about TJ:

TJ went to his forever home this weekend 😊

TJ spent a few weeks at our vet partner recovering and then transitioned to a loving foster home where he continued his recovery, while acclimating to being a member of a family, we are sure for the first time in his life … 
He fit in beautifully in his foster home and now he has been adopted into his forever home.

Here he is safe and sound in his new home
Awesome fairy “tail” ending ❤️

We couldn’t be more thrilled knowing TJ is now in a loving home being well-cared for. His past remains in the past. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC continues to do all they can for dogs in need. Dogfighting is illegal but it still goes on. Please, if you see something, say something! Dogs like TJ need our help. Let’s spread the word so others will be on the lookout too. Animals can’t protect themselves. They need us to stand up for them! TJ’s video story is posted below.