Cruel Humans Blew His Snout Off With Explosives – But He Remains Resilient

A dog, now named Braveheart, was found with his nose and jaw completely blown off, which had been nearly fatal.    


Vets believe that cruel people put some kind of explosive in his mouth or near his face, which shred his jaw and nose area.

Their initial thought was that the best thing they could do for him was to euthanize him, but Braveheart proved that he still had a lot of fight left in him and a strong will to live. The vets and rescuers decided to give Braveheart a second chance.

After four surgeries, Braveheart had a functioning prosthetic jaw that he’s able to open and close like a normal mouth.

Despite his obvious differences, Braveheart still acts like any other dog. He’s a very happy pup who loves to run around and play. And thanks to his prosthetic jaw, he is still able to eat and drink like normal.

He is currently living at one of his rescuer Tracy’s house with her other rescue dogs, who he gets along great with.

Even though Braveheart has suffered so much at the hands of evil humans in the past, he is still so loving and affectionate.

He has a few more surgeries lined up, but is expected to make a full recovery.

“He could’ve chosen to give up, but he didn’t,” Tracy said. “He deserves to be here. He deserves this chance.”

Watch his story below:



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