Unclaimed Kitten Finds New Family With A Small Town Police Department In Maine

No one knows where the little grey tabby kitten came from originally.


Some believe she was a feral, born to the wild streets. Others feel that with her loving nature, she was possibly dumped and abandoned. Regardless, the young feline found herself needing a new family and safe home. Whether or not she was “working out” the best way to find these, she ended up in the right place at the right time. That happened to be when she was found clinging to a fire escape at a local fitness center (I’m with you there kitty! Exercise, ugh).



Her new family would eventually realize she may have just been practicing her fearless fitness routine though! 

But that new family understands the importance of staying fit and alert. They are the police officers and staff at the Hallowell Police Department in Hallowell, Maine. How does a police department end up essentially adopting a kitten though? Well just how many others do. The kitten adopts them.

It began on September 9th, 2019 when a man discovered her at the Granite Athletic Club on Town Farm Road. In the small town of approximately 2,000+ citizens, he ended up taking the lonely kitten to the police department.

**I have to say that seeing they are cat lovers AND this silly, I would totally go to this gym if I worked out! LOL


Photo: Granite Athletic Club: “Concerned you won’t fit into your Daisy Dukes this season? Take advantage of Granite’s Summer Special Promotion and whip those quads and hammies into high rise denim form!”

The kitten is estimated to be about 7 months old and sweet as can be. They named her Granite for the gym where she was found, but they affectionately call her “GG”.  

“(She was) dropped off and it was like she lived here the whole time,” Patrol Sgt. Jordan Gaudet said. “She made herself right at home.”

The department posted a photo of the grey & white tabby kitten looking for anyone who may be missing her.

But it had been almost a month with no claim on the kitten. It was time for her to officially join her new family. 

The police department posted the announcement on their Facebook page on the morning of October 5th. 

We have delayed this announcement but Granite our now official station cat looks like she’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. She’s become part of our family and pretty much runs the show. We are very happy to have her. 


As we’ve seen before, the calming effects of felines are amazingly therapeutic for individuals in high-stress jobs. And it’s no different for this small town police department either. 

“Everybody enjoys her company, whether it’s at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning,” Hallowell Police Chief Eric Nason said. “When they get back to the station and they know there’s somebody here to actually talk to, or at least have somebody here for them.”

Not only have the entire force supported their new family member, they all pitch in to help in their “catty duties”. Local companies and Hallowell residents have donated food, toys and supplies for the tiniest pawtrol woman. 

“She’s got the run of the place,” Patrol Sgt. Gaudet said. “She got into the chief’s office once and knocked some papers over.”


Still, GG is happy to pay her new family back each day with an immeasurable amount of smiles, laughter and love.

Although she lives only on the bottom floor of their City Hall building, she has plenty of people to pass the time with. The floor houses not only the police department, but the code enforcement office as well. 

Gaudet said the cat has learned to scale the half-door at the police department and visits Code Enforcement Officer Doug Ide when he’s in his office.


Ide said he enjoys having the cat — which he calls “Kitty” — as an office companion. “Things are pretty dull in the basement sometimes so it’s good to have her bouncing around,” he said. “Probably the best hire in Hallowell except for my own.”


Unless owners come forward with unmistakable proof that GG belongs to them, she will stay with her family in blue. 

Nason said he has investigated leads on possible owners for Granite to no avail. He said he found it difficult to believe that someone wasn’t wondering where Granite ran off to.

“I can’t imagine someone is not missing a cat like this,” Nason said. “It’s just a really friendly cat.”