We need to change the urgent penal code! We call for CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS to be classified as CRIME EDITING, without the right to bail, straight to condemnation!



The judge who released them has complied with the penal code, which is totally flawed. The police do impeccable work, lose months, days, nights, dawn, articulate a whole scheme to capture criminals, make a bell, spend public money (because it all costs), make a red-handed arrest, so that in a few hours justice releases them in the street. Honestly, Mr Judge claims that “the fact in the grave era to maintain custody” is something that the population cannot understand !!!! LET'S ASK FOR URGENCY IN CHANGING LAWS !!

A person who uses the life of an animal to satisfy his pleasures and profit from the suffering of those lives cannot be released as if he had done nothing. Need to pay!!!
Justice is great for hunting and punishing tax evaders, for example, because it's in the public interest. But when it comes to punishing for a wrongdoing crime, why not act with the same rigor?


Absurd!! Of the 41 detainees, only 1 had the prison held, which was the organizer of the had. What they did was worse than mistreating a human being because a human being can ask for help and defend himself! Not an Aninal anymore! According to Judge Andre Luiz da Silva da Cunha, “they are primary defendants and have a permanent residence”, and the worst of the Judge's argument was this: “Despite the objectionable behavior of the defendants, the facts are NOT SERIOUS justify the decree of custody ”.

Your Honor, Madam Judge, do you really understand that intentionally destroying the lives of dozens of animals, judging to death, is not a serious fact? Worse yet, monetizing this absurd practice. What is serious for you ???? If you can answer me, my name is Ricardo Godoy, 42, from São Paulo and I would love to understand your explanation about what is serious and what is not from your perspective, because from the perspective of those thousands of people who have already signed this petition, This is not serious. It is an atrocity !!!! These are lives that do not have the slightest condition to
defend themselves! It's a crime against the fauna! There is no difference between burning the Amazon or mutilating mother to death, promoting thousands of dollars in bets, and worse, with a military policeman, a veterinarian and a doctor involved !!!

I believe that all Brazilians have the right to know their understanding of what is serious and what is not. With all due respect to you, not only the interpretation of the penal code should be judged by a transgressor, but also ethics and especially common sense.

For those who do not know, 41 people were arrested in the act Saturday, December 14, in a farm in Mairiporã-SP, for promoting dog fighting, which fought to the death. 19 badly injured dogs, 1 dead and 1 (amazed!) Roasted on the barbecue, which would be used to "instigate" dogs that participated in the fighting. 

Even a vet participated in the fray, which was responsible for administering medicine to the animals so that they could continue fighting even after being seriously injured. 1 military police officer was also involved, plus 5 foreigners.
For the love of God! We need to be able to get these monsters imprisoned without bail and forced to serve the penalty.

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