Man drags his dog behind his electric wheelchair, but he will regret it!

Every act of animal cruelty is a tragedy in itself.Unfortunately, there are far too many idiots in the world who either don’t care completely when other living beings have to suffer – or even consciously inflict suffering on them.


Fortunately, this elderly man has not got away with his cruelty to animals unpunished. If conscience does not dictate this, acts like this should at least be prevented with the threat of harsh punishments.

This perpetrator could only be caught because he was unsuspectingly recorded on video during his cruelty to animals.

Like any member of a family, pets deserve respect, love and compassion. However, some people treat their animal companions like third class creatures.


These people should not even be allowed to keep pets. Unfortunately, they rarely show their true faces in public and in broad daylight. Sometimes, however, other people witness such atrocities. Then it is important that they act.

Melissa Janelle Torrenzi one day witnessed an extremely cruel act of animal cruelty. She did everything in her power to punish the culprit justly. And he received it.

Melissa watched a man drag his poor dog behind him in his electric wheelchair. The dog was tied to the wheelchair with his leash and was sanded down on the hard pavement.

Attention: The following pictures could disturb some readers.


The 59-year-old Texan was arrested in February for his crime.

Don’t worry, I’ll call the police on you.“Melissa had called out to the man, as Metro reports. „Go ahead. Go ahead.” he had replied. „It’s my dog.“

The man, who has often been convicted of cruelty to animals, was sentenced – and put in prison. Officer Jody Tittle of the city police department thanks Melissa for her reaction.

This is great because someone actually provided us with video evidence“Officer Tittle said. „Sometimes cruelty to animals is hard to prove.“

The shepherd dog, named G2, has been checked by a vet. She was doing as well as she could.

In the meantime she has found a new home with Father Roy Snipes in the Catholic Church, of which her condemned master also belongs. He asks his congregation to forgive the man one day:

There’s more good in him than he thinks. But he’s a roughneck. I don’t think he really wanted to hurt his dog.

That’s no way to treat an animal! We’re glad the man was punished for his behavior.

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