Dog walks 200 kilometers with tears in her eyes to return to the owner who left her behind

Dogs really are man’s best friend. There are thousands of true stories about loyal dog companions who do everything for their owners – whether they deserve it or not.  


Look at Maru, a young Bullmastiff dog. This brave one-year-old dog crossed Siberia to return to her owner.

Six months earlier she had been adopted from a dog home in Novosibirsk. Unfortunately her new owner decided to send her back after such a short time and claimed that she was allergic to Maru.


Her owner loaded her into a trans-Siberian train for the long return journey.

When the train stopped in Achinks, Maru managed to open the compartment in which she was accommodated. She jumped off the train and ran away. Although the people working on the train tried to stop her, she managed to escape.

The woman who owned the dog home where Maru was on her way, Alla Morozova, posted about Maru in the social media. She also organized search parties to look for the escaped dog. A few days passed, and Alla lost hope.

Then came the news that someone had found Maru, more than 200 kilometers away near the house of the former owner who had left her behind.


To get there, Maru had to cross secluded forests where bears and wolves were also on their way. It was a miracle she made it this far and survived.

However, she did not survive unscathed. Her paws and mouth were badly hurt. Even if it might have been an infection or a reaction to the weather, it looked as if tears were flowing down her face. One of Alla’s friends drove Maru back to the dog home. Veterinarians treated their injuries there.

Despite Marus’ amazing loyalty, her former owner didn’t even bother to help find her.

What do you think of Marus’ journey and the behaviour of her previous owner? Do you think Maru deserves better? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.