Bikers Stopped Dog Fight Rings And Saved Animals From Abuse

Despite their tattoos, massive muscles, and serious motorcycles, maybe these bikers aren’t so scary after all.  


We know the animals they have come across in their crusade have nothing but love for the big bikers.

Sometimes you need someone a little scary looking on your side. Rescue Ink was just that. The organization saved countless animal lives with their unique – and somewhat intimidating – approach to animal rescue.


Rescue Ink

While primarily known as a group that had a high number of bikers, they have also included military, police officers, lawyers, and even bodybuilders among their members. The only real requirement was a need to keep animals safe from abuse.

There is no doubt that they all had that goal.

The volunteers come from many walks of life with one goal in common – to reduce and hopefully someday eliminate animal abuse and neglect. It turns out that people who are willing to protect animals can come from just about any background.

It’s all about having a big heart.

They have often done an outstanding job where others have failed. There is something about a large group of burly bikers that makes animal abusers think twice about harming an animal again. Where police and other rescuers failed, these guys managed to come to the rescue.


What they have accomplished

Rescue Ink has investigated countless animal cruelty cases. With the help of a tip line, they looked for abused animals in every place they could be found. They valiantly rescued cats, dogs, horses and other animals for bad situations. They have even been known to rescue fish on occasion. There was no type of animal that they would not consider saving from a life of abuse.

Over the years, they worked with a variety of other organizations, including shelters, to make sure that they could meet the needs of the animals they have rescued. It was all about working together for these highway riders. Some jobs just can’t be done alone.


Once animals had been saved, the people at Rescue Ink have worked on finding each and every single one a new and safer home so that none were lost.

Despite the challenges they experienced along the way, they kept going strong.

While the group is no longer active today, many of their members still are, and they continue to make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected animals everywhere.

The group has been a true inspiration to so many people. Their legacy will never die.

Rescue ink was dedicated to the animals they protect, they had community support for their work, and that community is keeping the spirit alive.


Kind Souls

They didn’t just take animals out of serious situations. In less dangerous cases, they have helped owners to take better care of their pets, such as when they built dog houses to help get dogs out of the weather.

In addition, they have worked on educating community members and the world about how animals should be treated. The discussion has included the serious responsibility that comes along with pet ownership.

The Rescue Ink team did absolutely everything they could to improve the lives of animals.

These Angels have hearts of gold. Their legacy will never die.

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