450 German Shepherds Rescued From Hoarding Situation

Police, along with several animal rescue organizations, have had to team up to save an estimated 450 German Shepherds from a puppy mill with extremely bad conditions.


The puppy mill, located on two properties in the southern part of Georgia, had been complained about by neighbors as well as animal rights advocates in the past but no real action had been taken until the police finally arrived.

It was only after someone went in and took pictures that the police decided to step in, make an arrest, and rescue the dogs.

German Shepherd

Unlivable Conditions

The dogs had been kept in livestock enclosures outdoors on the property with as many as twenty German Shepherds in a single enclosure. The small spaces were full of feces that were not being removed, and the dogs had no visible access to food or safe water.

What water they did have was muddy and on the ground or flooding the single igloo that each group of dogs would have to impossibly share for shelter. In many cases, there was absolutely nowhere dry that a dog could find to stand.

The breeder has been charged with felony animal cruelty because of the conditions.

puppy mill

A Group Effort

At first, it was thought that there were about 200 dogs between the two properties, but the reality of the situation became more apparent once the rescue effort began in earnest. The numbers were much closer to 450.

No single rescue organization alone could possibly save all the dogs from the terrible conditions, so several teamed up to do as much as they possibly could. Even with all the help they could get, it was still a struggle.

The rescuers had to find their way through deep mud and unsanitary conditions just to reach the dogs. Many of the German Shepherds on the property had developed skin conditions or lost fur from having lived in the damp, flooded, overcrowded, and dirty conditions for so long.


The volunteers prioritized their efforts and rescued the dogs with the most severe medical conditions first. Those German Shepherds were getting proper medical care and shelter for the first time in their lives.

Guardians of Rescue posted updates during the effort:

“Guardians of Rescue, Animal Aid USA, and our rescue partners and volunteers are on the ground with the many Shepherds in Montgomery County.

Scared, but no longer alone, these dogs are getting the love and vet care they’ve needed for so long, in the first step toward their new lives.”

Even after several long days of rescue efforts and more than 200 dogs removed, there were still more dogs to take from the property. Eventually, they got them all.


A Long Trip Home

At first, the effort needed to be focused on rescuing the dogs, getting them somewhere safe, and taking care of their health and well-being before anything else could happen. After that, they would become available for adoption once they had a chance to heal.


The Canine Pet Rescue has had a slew of German Shepherds up for adoption since the rescue. Their Facebook pictures are so full of German Shepherds that, if we didn’t know the story behind it, we would think that they specialized in the breed.

Eventually, all 450 dogs will need to find their many, many forever homes.

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