“Road Kill Dog” Is Passed By For Hours, Woman Shuts Down Highway To Pick Him Up

Hundred of vehicles kept driving as he helplessly lay there. But when she saw the look in his eyes, she knew there had to be a chance.



People, as well as animals, often find themselves in unpleasant situations and face certain difficulties. Most times, they need the help of others in order to be able to cope with the obstacles.

For one dog that was hit by a car, that special person who stepped in was a woman who knew there was still a chance for the animal to be saved. Sadly, before she decided to stop the traffic and get to the injured dog, hundreds of other vehicles just drove past and didn’t offer any help.





The moment the volunteers at the Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals, SARA, got the call about the dog, they headed to the scene and prayed for the animal to hold on until they arrive.

Finally, after an hour of driving, they spotted the helpless dog and quickly placed him in their vehicle. Soon, the poor soul was brought to the nearest hospital. He couldn’t even move an inch and his rescuers were aware he was in a lot of pain.



Luckily, after the vets gave him painkillers and other medication, Sassuki (that’s how they named him) was able to lift his head. A couple of days later his appetite was back and he even learned how to drink water from a bowl.



Sassuki knew all those people were there to help him and shower him with love and a bunch of kisses. He enjoyed his caregivers’ company and was soon expected to recover from the injuries he sustained.



Finally, Sassuki learned what it feels like to be loved all thanks to his incredibly dedicated rescuers.




The sad news is that his hind legs are paralyzed, but he is fitted for a wheelchair and will be able to live a happy life.

Sassuki’s story is a bit sad because it shows the reality that not many are ready to offer help to animals in need. His survival is a true miracle. If it wasn’t for the kind people at SARA, he wouldn’t have made it.

Below is the video of the rescue. Make sure you see it and share it with your friends.