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The 6 Types of Dog Owners You Will Meet At The Park

The 6 Types of Dog Owners You Will Meet At The Park  

There are different types of dog owners that you will meet at the park daily. Some are nice, some are weird, and some with dogs that look like their owners. We listed them down so they will be easier to spot next time you go out:


These are the kinds of owners that if a fire suddenly breaks out they would save their dog best friend first over their actual human BFF—no questions asked. Okay, that might be extreme, but we believe this type’s idea of a Friday night is with their dog rather than people. If they do go out to socialize with other pet owners don’t be offended if they strike better chemistry with your pet than you. ‘Does your pup have its own Instagram? @PrincessPopper probably has over 10,000 followers.’

The Owner Who Thinks They’re A Dog Expert

ILMDSM dog expert

Watch out, Cesar Milan. This owner has read every book, watched every vlog, and claims to know everything and anything about your dog. This type of owner is good to have on your side especially if you can’t stand YouTube tutorials. Sure, they could sometimes come off as overwhelming and a know-it-all. But when the time comes you have a question about ticks, tricks, and potty training they will always be ready to accommodate you 24/7 for some helpful tips.

The Owner Who Micromanages Their Dog

ILMDSM dog tech

Also known as ‘helicopter moms’, this particular type of owner is the equivalent of an overbearing stage mother to her beloved dog. Always anxious and on the lookout for worst-case scenarios. This owner literally keeps a short leash on their pets. She will rush tackle anyone who offers her pup unapproved treats. Her actions might be too much to take for some, but you could bet your bottom dollar this owner has the most well-behaved pets in the dog park.

The Owner Who Is Too Relaxed

ILMDSM relaxed

This owner is the direct opposite of a helicopter mom. If you’re anything like this owner it doesn’t matter what pronouns you subscribe to, you’re a dog dad. You know, the one who’s on their phones and looking like they’re on a leisure walk while their dog is already causing chaos in the park. They’re too loose, their last name might as well be ‘Lautrec’. Wink wink!

The Owner Who Has Way Too Many Dogs

ILMDSM many dogs

Remember the crazy cat lady on The Simpsons? This type of owner is nothing like that. Instead, this person might be the nicest and biggest-hearted person you will ever meet. You have to have a big heart for that many dogs. This person probably picks up strays or rescues them from the pound. You might cross paths with them walking their 8 dogs all at the same time. Be a friend and volunteer to help them out. They might not have the budget to pay you, but they sure can offer you all the hugs and kisses from their 101 Dalmatians in return.

The Owner Who Is So Good Looking and Athletic, It’s Annoying

ILMDSM good looking

The last type of owner on our list is drawn to big dogs. They probably own a Great Dane or a pitbull and they do everything together. They go on hikes, they surf, and they probably even run marathons. You just can’t but feel a little jealous when you spot them in their nice car, with their nice hair, and nice-looking pooch. You sometimes wish you were them, to be honest.

So there you have it. The different types of dog owners you will meet at the park. Did you relate to any of them?