Abandoned Dog Crouching In Dark Alley Looks Up And His Heart Breaks

They suffer through bruises, cuts, and broken bones, but worse still, they suffer the lack of love.  


Just look into the eyes of a poor abused animal and there you will see fear, distrust, betrayal, anger, and a myriad of other negative emotions.

Oh yes, animals feel all those emotions, especially dogs.

Eldad Hager, founder of Hope for Paws, knows this better than anyone. Every day, he sees the pain, both mental and physical, inflicted on these innocent animals.

And though every rescued pup is a feather in his cap, seeing an abused pooch never gets any easier.

Case in point:

One day, Eldad and his team got a call about an injured dog; apparently, the poor thing was cowering in an alley somewhere.

So the rescuers arrived on the scene, and that’s where they found the animal; it was a lonely, petrified pit bull, crouching in the bushes.

Eldad and his crew knew the dog was scared so they approached cautiously. Thankfully, the dog didn’t resist…she even let Eldad pet her.

Maybe that was the moment she knew that everything was going to be all right.

But Eldad was horrified to see the pup’s face up close; it was clear she’d been abused somehow. Perhaps her owners had hit her repeatedly, or had her fight with other animals.

It was just terrible to see her in that condition!

The team rushed her back to Hope for Paws HQ and quickly gave her the medical attention she required. They named her Cadence, too.

After plenty of treatment and love – which she’d obviously never had much of – Cadence began to come around. She knew her life of misery was over.

Dr. Christin Fahrer performed the necessary eye surgery to save her vision as well, so finally everything was starting to go this dog’s way!

Now Cadence is happy and healthy and living with a loving foster parent, where she gets precisely what she needs: Warmth, respect, and affection.

Life can be awfully cruel. This poor thing should never have had to suffer through such a nightmare.

But now it’s over, thanks to Eldad and his team, and we know they’ll keep fighting for every abused and abandoned animal out there!