Woman Threw Her Dog in the Trash So That She Could Move in With Her Boyfriend

She planned on moving across the country to live with her boyfriend. And three days later, the trash collector found the skeletal dog.


The decision of ever throwing a pet like a piece of furniture that served its purpose is beyond cruel and can never be justified.

Sadly, stories of cats and dogs being dumped is something we hear of every single day. The recent one that disturbed us a great deal is of a lovely dog named Fawna. This cute canine fell in the hands of a wrong owner who didn’t know how to appreciate her love and loyalty.

The lady who took Fawna in had a plan to move across the country with her boyfriend and saw Fawna as an obstacle in fulfilling her plan so she simply threw her in the trash.

Fawna was trapped in that trash bin among all the waste and couldn’t find a way out. There, she spent three days all alone without any food or water before a trash collector, Nathan Bibbie spotted her.



The sight of the fragile animal that resembled a skeleton disturbed him very much. He was quick to take Fawna out and called the Humane Society of Westmoreland County.

Once at a safe place, Fawna was offered food and medical help. It was determined that she had a microchip that helped authorities locate her owner. The culprit was charged with animal cruelty and was fined $600. On top of that, she had to undergo a psychiatric examination, because one has to be crazy to do what she did.

As for sweet Fawna, one of the workers at the Humane Society, Megan, got so close to her that she couldn’t allow for someone else to adopt her. So, Fawna found a new human mommy and discovered happiness again.


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