Cops On Hunt For Thug Who Cut Off Husky Pups’ Ears & Tails, Threw Them In Ditch

A good Samaritan contacted the Tangi Humane Society after finding two ten-week-old Husky puppies who were abandoned in a ditch off the side of the road in Roseland, Louisiana.  


The cruel person who dumped them there had cut off their ears and tails and left their bloody bodies to die in that ditch.

Thankfully, they were found just in time and brought to the rescue center for medical care.

In addition to their ears and tails being chopped off, they were also infested with fleas, lice, and worms. The male puppy’s skin was also raw from mange.



When Tangi Humane Society received the call, they were at capacity but knew they had to make room for these puppies.

They made a post about the puppies on their Facebook page, and quickly received nearly 200 calls from people who were interested in adopting them.

“A lot of times in cruelty cases, it’s hard to find homes for the animals,” Ronna Thomas of the Tangi Humane Society told 4WWL. “So for people to step up — 200 people to try and adopt them — it was phenomenal.”


Both of the pups, now named Snowbell and Chopsley have found loving forever homes. Snowbell has already gone to her new home, and Chopsley has been pre-adopted and will go home to his after he finishes treatment.

In the meantime, the Tangi Humane Society is searching for the evil monster who did this to these two innocent puppies.

One of their sponsors has offered a $500 reward for information leading to those responsible for their abuse.

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